Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I remember my first day of junior college at San Joaquin Delta many years ago. I had signed up the Photo 1 class and the first day we watched a slide show by Ernst Haas. It had his images of bullfights where he used a slow shutter speed to captures the swirling motions and colors of the matadors and bulls.

When the slide show was over the instructor looked at me and asked me what I thought. "It stinks" was my reply. "Nothing is in sharp focus." So the instructor stops and gives a 10 minute lecture on his shooting style and seeing color as movement. When he is done he looks at me and says "You still don't like the photos do you?"

So jump ahead several years and standing on in the Kimball High parking lot I decide to channel some Haas magic as I look for creative colors in the movement. Slow shutter speed shots like this are simple camera pans. It's an easy trick you can do with just about any camera, film or digital.

I wonder what my photo instructor would say now looking at these pictures?

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