Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I took advantage of Adobes special offer to upgrade from Photoshop Elements to a full copy of Photoshop CS4 for just about half price. Not a bad deal and there was no way I would have ever paid close to $700 for one computer program. I have been messing around with he program trying to learn some of the new features when I came across an easy way to make panoramic shots.
In the automated menu there is a command to merge any number of images into a panoramic picture. All I have to do is select a series of pictures and select the Photomerge command. It does all the hard work for me blending layers and edges to produce a nice looking print. The files are huge and the process is memory intensive but will be a an easy way to create special wide views in the future. I sized these copies down from the 115 inch originals they were created as so I could upload them for this blog.

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