Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year In Review: Winds of change

I couldn’t let this year end without going out on a positive note. Yes 2009 has been a most difficult time and I am glad to see it ending but there have been many reasons to be glad.

Trough all the tragedies and sorrows I have seen this year, through the despair and uncertainty of the economy and even through the veil of hatred and racism I see in the comments section I have still seen members of this community band together to face these hardships. We haven’t given in, we continue to fight for what is right and fair for all in our town.

It has been hard times for sure, lots of uncertainty, lots of tears and heartache. We may bend in the winds of change but we refuse to break.

I have wished for this year to end for some time. 2010 will bring a clean slate to us and a new resolve to not let fear of violence control us, to make the best of the hardships we face in business and to resolve to make Tracy a better place to live for all.


Rob J said...

All your Year in Review posts seem to have you really down and depressed. I'm sure it's no picnic shooting tragedy week in and out.
How can you not include your Photography exhibit at the Grand Theater in March/April?
Wasn't that a positive highlight of the year for you? Your photos were displayed in a show along with those of the great Ansel Adams, how cool was that?

Dr. Mike McLellan said...

AMEN - Thanks Glenn for finding beauty even now. Happy New Year.