Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bat ban?

The Washington Post has a story about a proposed two year ban on metal alloy bats for high school teams in California.

After I got clocked in the head by ricochet off an aluminum bat at a Tracy High game I can see where they are coming from. I am pretty sure if I would have been hit by the ball straight off the bat barrel I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. I know wooden bats have their issues when they break and splintered bats can be just as dangerous it does seem like a good move to try and stave off some of the dangers.

Covering the West High baseball game against McNair I saw the dangers again as starting pitcher Jesse Hernandez was struck by the ball coming back up the middle of the McNair bat. Luckily he wasn't hurt.

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Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

I really enjoy your comments as well as the pictures. I was a pitcher in both fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball. There was what I called my "O-crap!" pitch. It was a near perfect strike thrown too slow. You heard the bat hit and knew that the ball was headed for you. You didn't want to look or not look -- just wait for ball's impact somewhere on your body. The impact of the bat drew an instanteous "O-crap!" because you knew what was next.