Tuesday, May 4, 2010


While not in city limits I found myself covering the first murder scene of 2010. A man was killed and his body dumped in an irrigation ditch 12 miles outside of city limits.

It is not known who the victim is or where he is from yet and the investigation is being handled through the San Joaquin Sheriff's office. I waited at the road intersection until the roadblock was taken down and then headed in to photograph the crime scene.

A trail of blood led from the roadway to the ditch where the body was dragged an dumped.

It was kind of eerie standing out in the middle of nowhere looking at a pool of blood where a man had lay dead minutes before. It is a desolate stretch of farm road, not too many vehicles pass by and I could see why a criminal would take advantage of the quiet road to dump the victim.

It may turn out to be a man from Tracy, the victim could turn out to be from out of state. I just hope this first murder is not the start of a new season of violence, I don't think I want to go through another year like that.

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