Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cheeriois Test- Part 6

Face it, there is no way you're going to make a picture of someone eating look attractive. It gets even worse when the dining call is actually an eating contest. That was the situation I faced while editing photos from a Kimball High School multicultural day event.

The contests had an international food theme, salsa eating contest, a sticky rice eating contest and then the ever popular no-hands flat bread eating contest. So there I was taking pictures of already self-conscious teenagers eating but now they were going to be shoving food into their face as fast as they could. Nice. A recipe (get it?) for disaster.

I tried to avoid the cross eyed, eyes closed and food dripping form the mouth shots as best as I could. The flat bread contest turned out to be the nastiest looking one with the bread dangling from their mouths but I managed to find the least offensive frame. I doubt any of these will make the newspaper, most likely they will be banished to the Our Town section but at least I got them on the website. I just hope no one I took photographs hurls a box of sticky rice at my head as their way of saying thank you for the pictures.

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