Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Curtain call

Poet Christian School will bring down the curtain on their performing arts program with a final show this Thursday and Friday at the Grand Theatre with the musical "Bugsy Malone Jr."

I went to the theater today to photograph one of the last rehearsals as actors and technicians fine tuned their show. Under the bright stage lights students put their best foot forward as they danced and sang for what will be their last hurrah. Budget cuts by the district will decimate the school's arts program removing the theatre and dance programs that have produced some of the finest student talent I have seen.

In days when the paper and police blotter seems to be filled with stories of kids breaking into houses and gang violence it is very sad to see a program like Poet's dismantled. The creativity and talent of the student performers will be sorely missed.

Maybe sometime in the future the economy and school budgets will rebound and I will be photographing the return show instead of their farewell performance. I look forward to that assignment.

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