Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Left and right

I normally don't shoot home plate from the third base or left side of the field when I am trying to photograph the team on offense. A slide or play at the plate almost 99% of the time gives nothing but a shot of the players back. Still the third bas side gives a good look at second base for any plays at that base but you do sacrifice home plate coverage.

Covering the West High game Tuesday afternoon I found myself on what would be the wrong side of the field. The top photo of a play at home plate was shot from the first base right side of the field and shows what I usually want, the face of the player sliding home. The next photo shows why I tend not to shoot from the left side of the field as the slide gives me no look at the face. However I also know never to give up on a play as I kept shooting the West High player turned and with the ball bouncing away made for the best shot of the game even from the technically incorrect side of the field to shoot from.

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