Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Code 3

I don't think I can remember a time where I have seen so many Tracy Police officer rolling Code 3, light and sirens than this week. It has been an interesting week so far and it is less than 2 days old.

The festivities began Monday with the police responding to an interrupted home burglary. Heading up Tracy Boulevard to the neighborhood I had to pull over for a police cruiser rolling code 3 to the scene. I arrived just in time to get shots of the officers searching the yards for a suspect with their guns drawn.

So the festivities continued today when I heard sirens heading down 11th Street as I was finishing an assignment at Tracy High. A man with a gun was spotted off Alden Glen near the West valley Christian Academy school. So after pulling over twice for four police cars heading to the scene I arrive in time to find out it is a man with a replica style pellet gun. Waving a realistic looking gun like that around is a good way to get killed so he should be happy to just be arrested.

So not done yet, heading back to the office a police officer hits his emergency lights as he sees people fleeing from a car stopped in the middle of west bound 11th Street. Turns out everyone was rolling up in the middle of an armed robbery at the Royal Motel. Trying to turn around I am stuck between traffic and police cars with lights and sirens whipping past me to get to a perimeter as they looked for suspects.

It has been a crazy two days. it seems like all I have taken pictures of are crime scenes. Maybe it will calm down but I'll keep the scanner turned on just in case.

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