Thursday, July 15, 2010

Died of thirst

I was on assignment when I took a call about a breaking news scene developing outside of town.  I new it was going to be a messy scene when I got there. Reports had five horses dead in a field outside of town and two others in dire shape.

A field off I-580 was the scene where the horses had been kept in a field with little if any shade and no water.  A trough nearby was empty and sheriff deputies investigating the scene believe the horses had been without water for almost four days before dying in the summer heat.

The horses dropped in their tracks scattered around the field.  the two surviving ones were being given water and one had an IV as they tried to pump fluids into his dehydrated body.  

It is hard to believe that an owner would do that that to his animals, I can't imagine how they must have suffered in the heat, wandering around looking for a drop of water before dropping dead.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the owner of the horses, I am not sure what type of charges can be levied for animal cruelty or neglect but someone should have to pay.

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