Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spot news Monday

It was one of those days where it seems there is nothing going on in town then the scanner goes off in the newsroom.

I had been cruising the town looking for a story with the only action being palm tree trimmers at Tracy High.  I was getting ready to wrap it up for the day when a call came across the scanner for a grass fire burning off Linne Road.  Wind pushed the flames across an opened field, threatening one building and eventually jumping the road before being contained.

Smelling like a campfire I headed back to the office where another call came out of a 4-year-old crushed by a dresser falling on him.  An air ambulance was on the way to take the injured child to an Oakland hospital.  I arrived just in time for the landing and to get some shot of the child being loaded aboard.

I just have to remember never to wish for some action, I may actually get want I want.

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