Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No. 25

Yesterday was one of those days shooting a Little League game. I had lots of action shots but while editing my work I realized the vast majority of keepers were of one player, number 25.

I really don't care about who I shoot gets in the paper. I am interested in action not names. So when I am covering a game I don't single one person out and just take shots of him even though it may seem like it sometimes. Like this game, all the best art seemed to be of this one kid.

Some people wonder why I shoot so many pictures at one assignment. I shot 467 frames at the Little League game to come up with 8 shots and couple of them have the same player in them. I didn't realize that until I started to write the cutline info.

It may seem like I am playing favorites some times but I am not. it is just the luck of the draw on what action I capture. Right place, right time, right moment and sometimes it just keeps coming up No.25.

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