Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer colors

With summer in full swing Alice and I decided to take a walk on the warm side with a trip to mount Diablo's China Wall.

The wall is actually lines of eroded sandstone that wind along the rolling hills.  It is a pleasant walk through the rolling hills and grasslands but very hot as hike is in full exposure.

Once we made our way to the wall we spent some time exploring the sandstone rocks as they ascend up the hillside.  Along the trail we treated to a few wildflowers and thistles baking in the afternoon sun.  The colors have shifted in the hillside to yellow and brown tones and everything has a warm earth tone look to it.  It Was fun to find the occasional splash of color from a daisy or poppy against the summer scorched countryside.

It was a hot hike and we are probably going to head to the coast for some cooler walks from here on.  I am toying with the idea of a hike to the summit in August to test my mettle and see how the summit trail has turned golden for the summer.

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