Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just another shot

Of all the photos I took in 2010 I was sort of surprised that this was an award winner.  For a story illustrating the city of Tracy's new regulations on panhandling I was assigned to find a homeless person panhandling for the cover of the paper.

I picked a guy who has sort of become a regular in town.  he hangs out at the entrance to the Safeway shopping center on 11th Street.  I could have taken a picture of his face, there are no rules against it, but I opted for a shot  that highlighted his sign and the parade of cars that ignored his plight.
Honestly I think it's an OK picture-nothing to get excited over-and was surprised by the 1st Place Feature Photo award for our newspaper circulation size.  I received what amounts to an honorable mention for a photo of grass fire and a sports photo that I can't remember entering so overall I guess I had a decent award year.

It's great to be recognized by your peers for your work and it's nice to be able to show the family another 1st Place plaque.  Now I just have to find some space on a wall to mount it.

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