Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs of spring

With the warm summer-like weather upon us Alice and I went in search of the signs of spring with a hike in Jamestown.  We met up with a friend of Alice who led us on a tour of Table Mountain.

 This was a different hike to say the least.  Our trek would take us on climb of about 900 feet to the top of Table Mountain which sits at 1,700 feet. There we would explore the flat top of the mountain and its seemingly endless sea of volcanic rock and wildflowers.

 We spent almost six hours exploring the mountain top to bottom and its harvest of colors.  We made the journey at the right time as the blooms abound and the mountain top is still cool enough to explore.  It was a fantastic hike and a great way to add some color to our day.

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Anonymous said...

fantastic photos...felt a part of d trip...thumbs up.