Thursday, April 28, 2011

Base to bus

It was the same old grind today.  Stand out in the wind for four hours until my head feels like it will explode from the next sneeze.  Shoot a softball game, shoot a burning bus.  Same old stuff.

You know I am sneezing loud when the softball players and umpires look at me and say bless you.  The wind knocked me for a loop today, hold the camera in one hand, a snot rag in the other.  Oh yeah I lead the exciting life on assignment.

Things did pick up a tad when a charter bus burned to the ground on Interstate 580 this afternoon.  A bus load of kids heading home to Fresno after a trip to the Bay Area found their road trip detoured when the bus caught fire.  No one was injured but the bus was reduced to burned out shell.  I managed to grab my shots from the Bird Road overpass across I 580 after I heard the freeway was closed in both directions due to the fire.  I gambled and tired Bird Road after I heard the fire was near a gravel company.  Sometimes I get a little lucky on assignment.

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