Friday, May 6, 2011


Just a few hours after we we put the story of the beehive in downtown online we received another call about the bees.  They had been killed by a pest control company that sprayed the tree sending them tumbling to the sidewalk.
I head back out and hundreds of the bees were on the sidewalk still in the puddle of pesticide used to knock them out of the tree.  The lucky one looked like the died right away while many lie twitching on the sidewalk while they slowly died.
It is a shame they had to be killed, I can remember the great bee shortage from a couple of years ago and it seems like someone should have been able to scoop them out of the tree safe from harm
Meeting their demise on a sidewalk in a puddle of pesticide seems like hardly the way to go for such a hard working part of community.  It's bees that pollinate trees and flowers  and without them they would b=not be able to continue.  Too bad someone had to send a kill squad out for them there should have been a way to save them.

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