Friday, May 27, 2011


I love it when I see a letter to the editor like this morning's "Tracy Press Strikes Again".  A West High parent whining about how I covered the Tracy High Senior Beach Day and didn't cover the one at West High.  Wahhhh.  You want to know why there wasn't anyone there?  No one told us.

That's right, no one called, emailed, faxed, texted or even sent up a smoke signal to tell us it was going on.  Not the principal, assistant principal, activities director, security guard or even the "concerned parent"  who sent the whiny letter.  No one.  Nada, nobody.  F for effort on your part.

Unlike Tracy High who actually CONTACTED me and told me the event was going to happen rain or shine.  Fancy that, you let me know something is happening and we show up.  Wow, must be a miracle.  Kimball High got coverage of their one One Wish Japan Project and you know why?  They EMAILED me and told me about it.  Wowsers again!

Because West High's administration and staff  never want to call or make any effort to let us know what's going on we'll just show up to the events I hear over the police scanner. But then don't cry about the lack of coverage in the paper, that is getting old with me.