Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPhone in a pinch

Just like every one else I stood on a porch in amazement as the hail pelted down on tracy Sunday afternoon.  It was an incredible sight and being the well prepared photojournalist I am I was without a camera as I was visiting my parents.  So I did what every else did, I grabbed my phone and snapped away.

My iPhone did pretty well considering.  I don't think it was ever intended to replace a DSLR camera but in a pinch I put it to task, shooting photos of the growing storm clouds and the hail storm.
The iPhone has some limitations.  The zoom is a digital zoom and a bit grainy.  There isn't an ISO switch as I would have loved to boot the sensitivity as the clouds darkened.  The shutter does have some lag and I have to remember not to get my fat fingers in front of the lens.
But on the plus side it has a HD vide recording built in which I put to use as well as a nice HDR (High Dynamic Range )which game me a chance to capture details from bright highlights to dark shadows in basically a point and shoot camera.
The best part though was the ability to upload within seconds to either a website or Facebook where I should the scene with others.  Lots of people had the same thought as the Most Recent section was quickly getting filled with pictures and discussion of the hail storm.
Short of carrying my camera with me 24/7 the camera in my iPhone has turned out to be a handy tool.  Several photos from the hail storm found their way to the tracy Press website for a story about the winter like weather.  I'll keep my work camera for sure but it is nice to know I have a backup camera in my pocket when the need arises.

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