Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Year in Review: How far we’ve come

Celebration and sadness, terror and triumphs, a time of new beginnings and closures, these were just some of the assignments I covered this year.  And as the days wind down on 2011 I will be taking a look back at some the year’s memorable and forgettable moments.

It was a year of section championships and horrific crashes.  Gunshots echoing in the night and cheers celebrating are victories.  Tears as we remembered those love ones who have left us and quiet smiles as we celebrate the beauty and joy around us. 

A year of racing to fires and watching the warm glow of a sunset cross the sky, the sadness of a father’s loss and the joy of a song on a warm summer day.

Another year closes and it’s stories slip into the pages of our hearts and minds but we will take one last look before we say goodbye.

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