Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Armpits and elbows

Just a couple games into league play and I think I am getting burned out shooting basketball. I have lost track of how many games I have shot this season already but it is a bunch. Sometimes it just seems like a see of armpits and elbows through the lens.

The easiest shot to get is a rebound. As soon as hot comes off the fingertips I pan over to the group under the basket and wait for the melee. Watch for the ball to enter the frame and I rip off a sequence and hope for a nice collision and tortured facial expressions under the basket.The hard thing is trying to find something new and exciting on the court. I'll pray for a scrum for a loose ball, those are always fun to see. Or maybe a nice full court press where the players collide and the ball goes flying. I'll take anything instead of the armpit shot.

I'm sure to have many more games this season. A few of our teams have a chance for the playoffs so I could be shooting basketball into March. It's about that time I pray for the start of baseball season and then come mid August after my thirtieth Little League game I start wondering how long until basketball season opens again?

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