Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dr. Kimball

The best thing about working in the town you grew up in is you always meet people you know on assignment. And of all the people I have taken pictures of Dr. John Kimball probably gets the title for having known me the longest. It was almost 46 years Dr. Kimabll delivered me crying into the world at then Tracy Community Memorial Hospital.

It's kind of neat to go on assignemnt and have Dr. Kimball tell people he remembers me from all those years ago. I guess he has forgiven my examination room tantrums through the years as I had a deathly fear of doctors and needles as a youngster. It was fun taking his picture as he received a letterman's jacket during opening ceremonines for the new Kimball High gym where the school is named in his honor. Kind of makes me feel all grown up.

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