Sunday, January 31, 2010


With all the rain recently Alice and I decided to finish off our January waterfall hiking trilogy with a visit to Mount Tamalpais and the Cataract Falls Trail.

A slippery slope of mud and rock, the trail follows the path of Cataract Creek as it winds its way down the mountain.

The trail was filled with lots of hikers as we followed the rocky trail. It wouldn't be a hike to a waterfall if I didn't slip at least once in the slick mud.

The water was pounding the creek as it tumbled over rocks, tree branches and cliff faces frothing into small pools along the way. There were plenty of opportunities to stop and photograph the raging current.

It was a great hike and nice finish to January. I have to check out what the weather forecasting groundhog has to say as he will predict our remaining winter weather to see where we can squeeze in a few hikes.