Monday, January 18, 2010

That sinking feeling

It’s not that often I am shooting a sink hole in Tracy. In fact as far as I can remember this was my first one.

According to city crews at the scene cold water from the mountains reached the concrete pipes in town somehow and the pipes contracted and cracked sending a geyser of water into the air through the road on Kavanagh Avenue near Tracy Blvd. The resulting gush of water flooded nearby streets and created a traffic nightmare during the morning storm.

The torrent of water from the cracked pipe washed away the soil beneath the road surface and the road eventually cracked and collapsed. Crews had to cut away an even larger section of the road to see how far the crack in the pipe had traveled.

This was one of the three pipe breaks around town in two days and with the age of the concrete pipes it will likely not be the last. I can only imagine what residents in the neighborhood thought as they walked out the front doors to be greeted by a flood.

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