Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The high and the mighty

When I was young I could stare at clouds for hours on end. A gathering storm was a theater of swirling clouds filled with light and shadow as they filled the sky.

One of my favorites subjects as a photo student was clouds. Their imposing stature and studies of light and dark tones occupied dozens of rolls of film.

My clouds watching days are limited now. But while shivering at a Tracy High baseball game today I spotted the moon rising above the cloudbank. Like a trip through the past I found myself once again admiring their shape as I snapped a few frames between innings just for me.


Care said...

Glenn, don't forget to worship the High and Mighty cloud-maker. I've always loved them too. Both the clouds and the Cloud-Creator.

My most vivid memory of cloud-watching was in Versailles, France at the palace. I was in college, so years ago, but still recall the wonder of those French clouds.

Thanx for dislodging the memory.
care of SD

Care said...
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