Monday, February 19, 2007


Nothing can strike despair in the heart of a news photographer than the dreaded “Photo-op”. Usually it is a carefully controlled event to publicize someone or an event and the photos are usually one step away from the even more hideous “grip-and-grin” assignment.

Today I was assigned to photograph Congressman Jerry McNerney visiting a downtown coffee shop to meet his constituents. Pretty much just schmoozing photos but then my boss Tracy Press editor Cheri Matthews stepped in to the frame. I really couldn’t crop her out off the frame so what the heck, I took her picture too.


Amanda said...

Fabulous, Glenn! What kind of coffee does Mr. McNerney drink?

Care said...

And it's a good thing you included cheri0, if you ask me, Glenn cause she stinkin' makes the photo. Cute as a button, she is!

This is Danielle's mother checkin' in from sunny South Dakota. Cheri's blog labryinthed me here.

You do terrific work. I'm very impressed and looking forward to meeting you when I'm out to Cali for spring break mid-March.
I learned something: 'grip and grin.' caren macmurchy