Monday, March 12, 2007

Forgotten field

With all the talk of a sports park and new fields for everyone to play on it is very disappointing to go on assignment to cover a high school soccer game at the West High soccer fields.

Both Tracy High and West High play junior varsity and varsity games on the same field, one of two at the school. The teams play on what was once designated the junior varsity field. The varsity field is a depressing mix of unkempt grass and dirt ruts.

The choice was between play on a field covered mostly with grass but lots of mounds and ruts or a field that was more level but the grass was mixed with large bare patches of dirt.

As I shot the game and watched the ball bounce unpredictably on the less than ideal field I wondered if anyone would take the same interest in giving both schools a decent field as they are in the push for the sports complex fields.

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