Sunday, March 25, 2007

Top of the mountain

This is the view of the summit of Mount Diablo just below 4,000 feet viewed from one of the hiking trails.

I made my first visit to the state park with a friend and armed with a point-and-shoot digital camera I recorded some of our trek around the summit base.

I hope to make more trips this spring and summer to photograph the wildlife and scenery.

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Anonymous said...

Any more pictures you would like to share of Mt. Diablo? Like to see other people's photos of old Diablo.
Your 1st time huh? I used to race an old buddy to the top on our motorcycles. Been hiking there many times. Fun place to take the kids.
You can find some of my photos from Mt. Diablo at the old Pack 525 site:
There's lot's to photograph there!