Friday, March 30, 2007

Thinking outside the bag

I have noticing that the older I get the heavier my camera bag seems to get. It doesn’t help when I buy a big bag, I just dump more gear into it and the heavier it gets.

I was looking for a way to spare my shoulders and finally settled on the Think Tank Photo system of a padded belt and modular equipment bags.

I settled on a set of couple of different sized lens bags and camera equipment carriers. They sit on a padded belt on where I can adjust their position or lock them in place.

The idea is to keep the weight on the hip area and spread it around for a more comfortable carry. The bags are top notch and contain built in rain covers in case the weather turns foul on assignment.

I have tried the system on assignment a few times and I think it will be a big help. Tracy Press editor Cheri Matthews models the Think Tank setup.


Cheri said...

Looks nerdy, if I do say so myself.

Glenn Moore said...

Nerdy? So I look nerdy on assignment?

Anonymous said...

News photogs are all cool in my book, but that setup does have a nerd factor. Fanny packs are nerdy.