Friday, March 16, 2007


I had the right idea, just really poor execution. Looking for a different angle to shoot library volunteer Sylvia Ahn for an Our Town feature I thought I would get a bird’s eye view of her working in the stacks.

I put on the 16-35mm wide-angle lens and standing atop a stool photographed her with the camera at arms length. Nice idea but I forget one thing; I was standing next to her.

For most all of the 40 or so frames I took my chubby legs are in the frame. If you look close enough you can see my camera bag on the carpet next to the stool. Two mistakes in the same frame, sometime I really reek on assignment.

I managed to find one frame where I could crop myself out of the picture and still have enough of the stacks to make for a decent picture. Live and learn. I will try harder to stay out of the picture next time.

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Cheri said...

Ha! The guy who hates to be photographed his his own feet in his photo!