Monday, March 26, 2007

Note worthy idea

I am not too proud to take help on assignment. Sometimes the subject being photographed has a better idea than I could dream up.

I was shooting an Our Town Spotlight assignment of a local violin player who performs with the Stockton Symphony. I had the usual portrait ideas but she suggested I incorporate the design in the marble floor of the foyer.

I had her play while selected a high shooting position on the staircase. I prefocused the camera and leaned over to get a nice shot of the spiral pattern in the floor framing her and the violin.

She had a great idea, making for a very artistic shot that has a good rhythm to it. I think it suits the music theme well.

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Care said...

Wow, Glenn not only does your violin meistro have a good ear but a terrific eye for Beauty. I bet the music was sheer rhapsody. I can hear it now.

I might steal the photo for my Murch Blog. Is that legal or will you haul me away in shackles? If so, then I prefer imprisonment in Cali so my Danielle can bring a German Choc cake with a saw. I promise to give you credit, Mr. Glenn Moore (correct last name?)

And thanx for being humble enough to try a new photo angle. Only the teachable keep learning.

care from SD