Saturday, December 9, 2006

Brave new world

Standing in a high school darkroom 28 years ago I took my first steps into a brave new world. Standing at a dimly lit sink I watched my first photographic print emerge in the darkness. It was a small step that many years later would lead me to my career in photojournalism.

Much as changed in the time from my first step into photography. Film cameras have given way to digital imaging. Long gone are the days of developing tanks, reels and enlargers, replaced by memory card digital imaging programs and computers. And in this new digital photography age the way we look at photos is evolving too. My photographs now find their way onto web sites, online slideshows and galleries.

One more way to reach readers is through blogs. I have been on a shared photography website called SportsShooter for almost a year. It has been a good experience sharing ideas, tips and photographs with fellow photography and now I join other Tracy Press staff members with a blog of my own on our web site. I’ll share some of the work experiences, tips of the trade and knowledge of photography as I explore this brave new world on the web. I see an exciting future for photography in the coming years with podcast, photocasts and slideshows as the way to bring images and stories to more readers in an exciting digital format. I look forward to entering a brave new world of photography in the digital era and hope you will follow along.

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