Wednesday, December 27, 2006


If you have been enjoying the new slideshow feature on the Tracy Press website you might be wondering how we make them. A recent poll taken on the Sports Shooter photography site said over 78% of photographers have created or are planning a multimedia project for the web. Odds are most of them are using Soundslides.

Created for the newspaper photographer Soundslides is a quick and easy way to upload images and sound files to the web. We start with rgb files saved in the jpeg format, add an MP3 audio file and end up with a slick slideshow.

Options allow us to change a number of things including the color of the background, show captions below the pictures and even change the amount of time each individual slide stays on the screen. As far as programs go it is one of the easiest to learn I have used.

In the coming year there will be more slideshows to share as we look to bring the multimedia world to our readers.

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