Friday, December 22, 2006

Doggone cute

I have had more comments about this picture that any other I can remember in a long time. It seems people find this picture adorable, irresistible and cute.

It is hard telling who was more scared, the pit bull or me. The man who rescued the dog and the puppies warned me the pit bull was very protective and to keep my distance. You don’t have to tell me twice. I took the picture with a telephoto lens and always had my escape route to the door in sight.

I am amazed from the editor of the paper down to readers in the street find the picture amazing and ask what special technique I used to create the puppy portrait. It’s a mystery to me why it has such appeal, I am thankful I just didn’t wind up a chew toy.


Anonymous said...

Two items in last Thursday's Press were a "feel good". Saturated with politicians, civic issues, and raking leaves, reading about Ramish Birla saving Nina and her pups along with Emilio's adventure with his caring pals reassured me of the best of man..... "would have made a great Frank Capra Christmas film."

Care said...

A pitbull! Good gravy, batman! A long-range lens would have had to be 4 states away for me to venture a pic of this Bad Girl mama.

Otherwise cordial animals can get testy after birth. Our black lab, Yukon, snapped at our good neighbor as Dewey approached her 13 puppies. But then again, with 13 pups nippin' at her nips, I guess she deserved to be cranky! care of SD

riley said...

i think this picture shows true feelings about pitbulls they get labeled with a bad name but really all dogs are the same you have to watch them all no animal shud be trusted i mean rabbits can bite ,people forget that animals have feelings aswell and i know i might sound weird but a dog only knows what you teach them there just like children you have to be the boss they need love aswell they just cant tell you whats wrong but they do have feelings.