Thursday, December 14, 2006

Freeze frame

Two photographers at the same football game, standing 30 yards apart, two different cameras, two different lenses, what are the odds we capture the same picture, the same instant?

I was covering the Tracy High sophomore football home game against Lincoln of Stockton and one of the last frames I took was a pass play into the corner of the end zone. I followed the receiver, follow focusing on him as he stretched out for the ball and held down the shutter release for a motor drive sequence. My photo is above right.

Imagine my surprise when looking at the pictures on the camera’s screen the moment of peak action I caught was obscured by the flash from fellow photographer Wayne Thallander a journalism teacher at Tracy High who was also covering the game. His picture, at left, suffered from me being in the frame to the right of the action with my camera.

We both had the same moment captured from two vastly different angles. I dont't think I could do this again if I shot a hundred football games. I guess great minds think alike.

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