Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One last look back

When I describe the past year I always say it was a year of tragedy and triumph. There were plenty of good times and enough sorrow to last a lifetime.

Every year the Tracy Press puts together a collection of pictures that represent the best of our work from the year. It will be published on December 30th in the Our Town section.

This year we take our collection of images one step further with a slideshow of the Year in Pictures. The addition of slideshows to our online content has been a big change for the photo department letting us show more pictures from our assignments.

This slideshow is a slice of life from the year, the pomp and ceremony of a Presidential visit, the excitement of Little League playoff games, the loss of another soldier’s life.

No two assignments are the same; no two years are the same. I look back one last time at the year that was and ready for a new year’s adventures through the lens.

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