Friday, December 15, 2006

On assignmnet

I always keep my eyes open on assignment; you never know when you will stumble across something good. While shooting an assignment for the Sun Post newspaper at the Stockton Metro Airport I stumbled across this behemoth.

The story was on a pilot who flies all over the world including some danger spots in Iraq. While taking his photo on the airport tarmac I waited for a circling Air Force jet to get in the picture.

The pilot told me the plane was C-5 Galaxy cargo jet out of Travis Air Force base. When the pattern at Travis is too full for practice landings the jets often turn to the relatively empty skies over Stockton.

I tried to frame the pilot and the jet together but in the end the picture didn’t work well. But as it climbed out over the runway I fired off a few frames as it arched up into the clouds.

I know we will probably never use this photo but I still think it is a cool photo. Sometime the best pictures I take on assignment are just for me.

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