Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Tis the season, again

Different year, same assignment. I just got back from the Tracy Animal Shelter from shooting the pet of the week assignment, one of the many features that appear in the Our Town section. Space is tight for this week’s issue and we were not going to shoot the assignment this week until they told me they were dressing up the dog in a Christmas outfit.

I remember last year’s adventure with “Brad” pit bull so I was ready for anything. Animal control officers had even practiced getting him dressed so things would go smooth. I learned two things today: Dogs don’t like sweaters and dogs dislike mittens even more than sweaters,

Our model this year, “Bongo”, a Labrador mix, endured the humiliation of being dressed in his bright red outfit in front of all the cats in the shelter and then suffered through his photo shoot like a trooper, those big sad eyes begging me to take the mittens off. I hope he finds a home this Christmas after all that.

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