Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little close to home

Out on the very south part of town on assignment I got a call from the office asking if I had my scanner on.  When I asked why I was told there were police officers just outside the Tracy Press front door crouched down behind cars with automatic rifles at the ready.  Bad sign.  I hopped back in my car and tore back to the office.
Heading down Tracy Boulevard  I hit warp two near Valpico Road as I started to hear details of the call.  An armed robbery had just occurred at the Bank of America next door to the Press office.  And seeing how God hates me I was far from the office.
I managed to get back just as officers were getting ready to enter the bank and make sure there were no other robbers in the bank.  The suspect believed to be a serial robber who has hit six banks within the week managed to escape.  It is just another day behind the crime scene tape, I'm getting to be an expert at that.

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