Friday, December 10, 2010

The Year In Review: The Highs and Lows

So the winner for the high point on any assignment this year had to come over Mountain House.  Somewhere  two or three thousands feet above to be exact.
Working on a story about the new Questa School we thought it would be a cool idea to grab some views from the air.  Pilot Doug Smith donated his time and flew me over the the town in a small homebuilt airplane just barely big enough for the two of us.  I spent a bumpy but fun ride photographing the city and trying hard not to bump his hands on the controls.
The low assignment for the year could be a toss up but I think snuggling down to the ground among the tomato vines as a harvester approached has got to the be the lowest point.  I remembering wondering if I would be able to hop out of the harvester's path on a knee still sore from a torn meniscus.

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