Monday, December 13, 2010

The Year In Review: Pray for me, I drive Grant Line Road

Of all the road construction work I have seen nothing equals the horrors of the Grant Line Road construction.  The never-ending road work has left the road surface a nightmare for drivers and residents in the area who have to navigate the pot-marked Ashanti and praying their car's suspension doesn't give out in the process.
The continuous cutting a section of roadway, resurfacing it and then cutting it open again would be comical if they didn't do it day after day.  I have lost track how many times they have cut open the Holly drive and Grant Line Road intersection-maybe they get paid by the shovel full.
It has been a test of strength for resident who live on Grant Line to survive this construction.  From having water turned off with out notice to navigating the rat's maze of poorly marked construction cone lanes to the dips and valleys in the roadway it has been a lot to endure.  If the road construction ever ends, and I have my doubts that it will this will go down as one of the worst road construction jobs in Tracy.  It is a nightmare to drive through and even worse to try and photograph.

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