Friday, December 10, 2010

The Year In Review: Life Behind the Line

If I have become good at one thing these past months it is shooting behind crime scene tape.  I have had a lot of practice at it.
Just when we thought the insanity of 2009 was behind us a collection of crimes thrust me back behind the crime line.  More murders, arson, and bomb threats to name a few of the crime scenes all had that familiar yellow line.  I got pretty good looking for a dramatic angle to make the crime scene take look more interesting.  It was a challenge to shoot sometimes as the tape fluttered in strong wind or the wording was upside down but it always there in the photo.

The crime scene coverage required me to shift gears a lot.  One moment covering cupcakes the next a killing.  Go shoot an arson scene and then grab the pet of the week.  Your mood and news gathering changed as you came up to the line.  Things get more serious, a lot darker.  It is a life behind the line I don't care for but it is still part of the job.

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