Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Year In Review: Dead in the field

I knew driving over to I-580 this wasn't going to be a pleasant sight.  I had a call from the office five horses had been discovered dead in a field off the freeway.  Baking in the summer sun they had died of thirst and dropped in the tracks in the yellow sun-parched grass of their corral.
Television stations and other newspapers gathered along the freeway shoulder to photograph the scene as the two remaining horse were given water.  Dead horses were strewn across the field as investigators examined the carcasses in the field.
The story has lingered in the newsroom, we never got an official verdict of what was going to happen to the owner who let the animals perish.  It must have been an agonizing death for the horses as they succumbed to the summer heat in the field.  It had to be one of the worst assignments I went to as you start to think what they went through before they died.

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Anonymous said...

i think people can be so crule and i love horses an di will never treat any animal like that leave them in the heat hardly no shade, no water,and no nutricouas food for them to eat