Monday, December 20, 2010

The Year In Review: Sign of the times

The fun thing about this assignment was when one of the ladies from McKinley School in this photo realized they had been photographed holding a sign hoping for a program at another school to be cut instead of theirs they realized there might be some bad feelings.  They called and asked we not run the picture or use their name.  We said no to both requests.
Freedom of speech is a great thing but it does have some costs.  Anonymity is one of them.  Holding a sign and trying to draw attention to your plight is a sure fire way to waive any right to privacy you might enjoy.  Picketers, protesters and marchers all carry that same burden.  Free speech is not free.  I never heard if they sign carrying teachers received any heat from the other school as the Poet Christian program was eventually scrapped and it certainly was one of the more dramatic school budget meeting pictures.

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