Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year In Review: The Road ahead, the path behind

For the past couple of months I have looked forward to one thing; this year ending.  It has been a hard year filled with turmoil and hardship both personally and professionally.  I am glad to see this year end, it couldn't come soon enough for me.

The professional challenges this year have been great.  With the tough economic times and uncertainty I have been placed in a different role turning reporter and writer often times.  It has been a challenge to do some things but we still manage to put a paper out and keep the public updated about breaking news and current events through our website.
Personally it has been a hard year, a family crisis dominated a vast majority of my waking hours and the anxiety and fear followed me to work on assignment.  It is hard to worry about family all the time and step into the role of a journalist.  I could care less about someone else and their problems or their story when I carried the weight of my problems around.  Sometimes my heart just wasn't in the assignment but still you are expected to work.

The assignments are the same, the violence seems to go on and on, I wonder if anyone really cares as I stand behind another line of crime scene tape in the darkness.  It doesn't seem to make any sense.

But as bad as things may be, as heavy as the burden feels I can still see a chance for a better future for us here down the road.  I think we have to leave the tragedies and sorrows, the mistakes and angst of the past year behind us.  The path that got us to this new year may have been a hard one fraught with difficulty and despair but we are here and we should be proud of our accomplishments it and celebrate the fact that we made it this far.
Farewell to 2010, I look forward to the new adventures heading into 2011.

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Terry Donaldson said...

You are a remarkable photographer and journalist, Glenn! I have enjoyed looking at the world through your eyes! And, the things that you have written over the years show a great sense of humor and a gift with words. I am sorry to hear of your personal challenges this year. May 2011 be a better year for you!