Friday, April 27, 2007


Nothing says “Hey I’m a professional” than injuring yourself on assignment.

There I am at Wicklund School shooting a feature on crowded classrooms when I get a bright idea. Why not stand on a chair and get as high a view to encompass the whole class in one shot? Brilliant I say to myself.

I position a chair just right, adjust the f-stop to get maximum depth of field, check the white balance, and then step up on the chair and smash my head into a railing that runs around the classroom.

There is nothing quite like the dull thud of bone smashing into wood that makes students look up and see if I am still alive. I smile that stupid “I meant to do that” smile and keep shooting.

Off the chair I act nonchalant as I check the back of my head for blood. None was oozing out but my drive to Stockton for a tennis match the road seemed a little fuzzy. Back at the office I begged the editor for two Advil. Yeah, I’m a professional.


Cheri said...

I love that "stupid, 'I meant to do that'" look. Advil's on me!

Care said...

Glenn - Nothing like a little advil chaser after all that yummy birthday cake on Thurs. Sorry about the konk, but delighted with the cake.