Friday, April 13, 2007


I have wanted to find a way to speed up my digital photo workflow. At work I import photos through explorer window, edit in Nikon View and then process in Adobe Photoshop. At home on my Mac I import through Apple’s iPhoto, edit in Adobe Bridge and then edit in Photoshop Elements. I have been thinking there must be a way to slim down my production cycle. I think I may have found my answer in the new program Lightroom.

Made by Adobe Lightroom is a digital file, importing, storage, cataloging and basic editing program. My first few sessions with the software gave me a feeling that I was using something similar to Apple’s iPhoto but with a slick Adobe interface. I like iPhoto but it’s limited and confusing image-editing tools turned me off quickly as a serious editing program.

Lightroom also features non-destructive RAW file support, image editing and the ability to email an image from the program among its many features. The program disk comes with Macintosh and Windows versions so I can run them on different platforms.

I will be wringing out the program in the coming weeks to see if it really is the answer to all my needs in the digital photography world and will post my program progress.

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