Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sights form the site

I went on a tour of Site 300, the Lawrence Livermore experimental test site just south west of town Friday morning to get a good look at the area.

It has been in the news recently and most of our photos are from dozens of years ago so I joined a community tour and got some new shots of the facility for future stories.

Most of the shots are pretty unspectacular, a building here, an abandoned firing table there we were treated to a pretty good view of the area from 1,700 feet up at an observation post. A heavy haze marred the view but I did like a shot of windmills on a neighbor’s property as they were illuminated by breaks in the clouds.

I also spotted this ceramic steer skull left by a budding artist at the site. Scientist humor, it must be an inside joke or something.

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