Saturday, December 8, 2012


With the week of rain we had in tracy I was eager to hit the trail and see if it had charged streams and creeks in the area.  I set out for a hike along Coyote Creek at Morgan territory to see how the early water situation is shaping up.

Coyote Creek is a seasonal creek that run alongside Coyote Trail at the regional preserve.  I knew it was going to be slick trail and muddy going so I packed my macro and 70-200mm zoom lens to see what I could find.

The large pond at the entrance to the trail was my first sign of what was ahead.  The pond was filled mud and silt tinging the water a brown color.  Rain runoff carried mud into the pond meaning there had been some good water flow.

Heading into the trail I could hear the trickle of water and small pools of water were scattered near the trailhead.  The further I headed in the sound of the water falling along the creek grew louder with small waterfalls sprouting up along the way.

The rains had put a nice flow into the creek. The trail was very slick I slipped twice on the steep decent but it was well worth the sights of the water flowing through the creek. This is a good sign for the waterfalls and streams at Mount Diablo that have been dry the past few years.

I am looking forward to a few more rain storms to pass through.  I am thinking about a mid to late January hike to Donner Falls in Mount Diablo and a return to beautiful Uvas Canyon falls in February. This is looking to be a wonderful year to watch the water on the trail.