Monday, December 24, 2012

The Year in Review: Ok, this one was really the most awkward moment on assignment

So a condom dress may be a little jittery on assignment but watching a naked chick getting painted tops the cake of awkward moments for the year.
I was assigned to photograph a woman paint a baseball uniform on a naked woman for a spotlight feature.  My parting instructions as I left the office; keep it classy.
So my first problem in the shoot was the girl was naked.  The second problem was she had breasts complete with a set of nipples, go figure.  Now I had to keep them out of the picture at all costs. Oh and there was a mirror in the room.
With a few suggestion of placing the elbow in a spot just right to block the mirror and a choosing a camera angle that negated most of the view I was confident I had something we could run in a family paper. Well almost.